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Our creative build style enables us to provide exquisite design and manufacture for all needs, including the manufacture of bespoke interiors, furniture and lighting. In addition, if you're a designer looking for a company to produce something different then consider what our team here at More Creative can do for you. Our passion and experience, combined with skill and attention to detail, go into every project we produce. More Creative prides itself in using traditional values with an innovative approach, combined with modern high quality materials and fittings. Each commission is produced as an independent one off piece with all the components being handcrafted and assembled in our production facility here in Cornwall.

We are continually improving and updating our machinery and tooling department. However, we remain committed to handcrafting our furniture wherever possible to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship. We are also happy for our customers to drop in and see their own personal project being transformed.

We produce shop interiors and museum spaces that also benefit from our bespoke creativity.

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Bespoke Menu Holder

Stacks Image 1734

Interpretation Bench

Stacks Image 1739

Custom Flight Case

Stacks Image 1744

Reception Desk Build

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Digital Corporate Display

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Laser Engraved Branding

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Feature Entrance Porch

Stacks Image 1786

Customised Shape Cutting

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Bespoke Shop Interior Display

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Cedar Sign with Print

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Interpretation Signage

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Slat Wall Systems

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Customised Retail Frontage

Stacks Image 1797

Bespoke Menu Holders

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Bespoke Table Manufacture

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Point of Sale Display Units

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Feature Display Stands

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Corporate Cleaner Dock

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Bespoke Soft Play Units

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Shadow Tool Boards


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